Me Myself and I

Rebecca-Jayne Bates…?

  • 24th September
  • Taken.
  • United Kingdom,Birmingham
  • 1 sibling ( Brother)
  • Nickname = Becky…or…Bates

                            About Myself.

Hey, my name is  Rebecca but i prefer been called Becky or Bates, I love music and have recently started playing the piano/keyboard. In my spare time I like to take photos of sunsets, snow and anything that catches my eye. I have very bad paranoia, one time I was on the bus with my best friend Jessica Louisha Armstrong and there was a women with something and I thought it was a gun and was going crazy thinking it was a gun…Anyways, back to the point, Who am i? 

At times I’m not sure who I am and that really frustrates me… but i can tell you that i think way to much,i have a big trust issue, sometimes i let things get to me that shouldn’t i love being hugged and loved,i love a cheeky smile, if i have something to say i wont hold it in, i like to express myself although i can get shy and sometimes find it hard to express my feelings so i write them down… I’m always here for a chat if you need to talk to someone, I hate being in awkward situations, i hate making the first move, i can be a very deep person.

My new years resolution is to move out haha! As I find living at home slightly hard as me and my mum always argue and sometimes it gets too much.Music has always been there for me on the worst of days or the best of days, when i am feeling down i put my headphones in and go into ‘Becky mode’ i suppose you could refer to it as anti-social mode.

So yeah that’s me..

Random Facts?

  • I love milk.
  • I live with my best friend.
  • When i am nervous I bite my nail varnish off…
  • I have the same birthday as my father.
  • I like originality
  • Boys with nice eyes or a sleeve tattoo catches my eyes.
  • Personality over looks…
  • I have a passion for music.
  • I have a biting fetish.
  • I’m very talkative.
  • I love my family.
  • I love meeting new people.
  • I love being myself, i will never be anything else for anyone, i am who i am…


Me and My best friend.